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Samurai Jack: TV Series


'On the voice talent:

GT: The voice of Jack is Phil LaMarr. The voice of Aku is Mako.

"Mako is my favorite actor. He was actually one of the voiceovers at the end of Dexter's. Mako was my number one choice, and I knew that he was going to be the villain no matter what. You know, everybody saw Conan. You know how you felt when you heard him talk." '

--excerpt from an interview with the tv show's creator Genndy Tartakovsky

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AKU (voiced by Mako)
Samurai Jack's chief tormenter is a supernatural beast whose reign of evil has infected mankind into a realm of hate and darkness. Aku takes many forms, shifting shapes but creating a looming malevolent presence at all times. Aku knows that Samurai Jack is the only force that can defeat him and interrupt his rule, so he is obsessed with doing everything he can to thwart the displaced warrior. The wizard dispatches an army of minions, including insect-like robots, whose sole purpose is to find and defeat Samurai Jack.

Latest Movie

The most recent movie that I know of, is entitled "She Said I Love You" (2001). I wasn't able to find much about it under this title, or the US working title, tentatively called "Twists and Turns".
Plot Outline: A handsome L.A. playboy juggles four gorgeous girlfriends, searches for true love, and gets involved in an elaborate con. Mako plays "Straw Hat".


4 December 2001: Scheduled release of Pearl Harbor DVD/VHS
15 January 2002: Release of the director's cut of Pearl Harbor including extra 15 minutes of the movie.